created on 2022-11-06, edited on 2023-01-22


Challenging Yourself

I recently changed jobs.

I used to work at a mobile games company as a senior programmer. I was very comfortable at my post but I was also feeling very dissatisfied with what I did daily. I was recently promoted to a lead role but it didn't mean anything at all.

It is inevitable that as a professional, you are going to feel this way at some point in your career. I think programmers are especially prone to this because programmers are highly ambitious people. I may be biased.

My new job involves a lot of new tools, more complicated systems, a big project and a big team. It is sometimes very overwhelming, stressful but also very rewarding. The point of this post is not complaining or making excuses but if you are a programmer and thinking that you are not growing, don't be scared and just change and challenge yourself.

With enough persistence, patience and presence, anything is possible.