[DRAFT] Leadership


To be a good leader you have to practice extreme ownership. If something does not work in the project or business it is the leader's fault. Leader should own the mistakes and try to fix them to his best ability.

Never blame your team. If your team is failing, it is the leader's fault. If the members of the team are not aligned on the same goal, do not have the necessary resources or the standards are subpar so the team is subpar, it is all the leader's fault.

The leader must believe in the mission. Only then the leader can pass this mindset to his team.

Ego is a big problem. A good leader does not take credit for success, it just passes it to the team. A good leader admits mistakes, owns them and tries to fix them. A good leader is humble and knows they are not perfect.

A good leader makes sure that his team works well with the other teams as well and also own other teams' mistakes. He should never blame other teams which work for the same goal.

Simplicity is key. Otherwise it is very difficult to communicate the mission to the members of the team. A good leader is blunt, straightforward and does not complicate things.

A good leader should prioritize effectively.

He needs to trust to his junior leaders if any and also the members of the team so that he can empower them. Otherwise it is not possible to control every small detail and also see the big picture. He must also create an open environment, so each member of the team can contribute and thus own.

A good leader must communicate thoroughly to his leader. Give them enough information so that they also understand the mission and provide support. A good leader must lead his leaders in a sense.

A good leader is never undecisive or uncertain. He must always be proactive. Instead of watching the events unfold, the leader must decide and control the course of events.

Discipline equals feedom.