[DRAFT] Why You Should Never Have a Fracture

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This is a warning for my future self and also for others who like to train hard or do extreme physical activities. I'm not a person to tell you to stop doing those activities. On the contrary, I want me and you to be physically active as long as possible. So be really careful, take every precaution you can and enjoy.

I fractured my left thumb on December 29th at the gym while trying to do a handstand using the pushup bars. The bar on the left slipped backwards, I fell on my face and broke my glasses along with my left thumb. I went to the emergency room, images taken and I learnt that I have a Bennett's Fracture.

Now, I don't want to discuss the pain, the healing process and the possible complications of a fracture. I don't even want to discuss the possibility of developing post traumatic osteoarthritis which can be disabling at a young age. These are really scary things.

What I want to discuss is the change a fracture can impose on your daily routines. Since I've fractured a thumb, and the opposable thumb of the hand is one of the most distinct features of humans along with our big brains and ability to blush, it had a profound effect on my life from day one.

Your self care routine will take a big hit. You will need to cover the cast with a rubbish bag. It will be difficult to wash your hair, your face and the rest of your body with one hand.

It is really difficult to practice music with one hand.

Your hand will start to stink by the second week.

Obviously working out will be a hassle. Even the lightest yoga exercises will be difficult to do. Your circulation will decline because of lacking exercise. You will lose muscle mass.

I was somehow lucky to have the cast for only 3 weeks but it was a really important lesson.